Richard A. Schmidt, Ph.D.

HPR President
Professor (Emeritus) of Psychology, UCLA

Dr. Schmidt offers 44 years of university faculty experience (currently at UCLA) in the field of psychology and human factors (ergonomics), as well as 27 years of consulting experience in human factors. He provides research, general consulting, and expert testimony concerning human factors and ergonomics, and the capabilities and limitations in human performance, related to the design and use of controls, automobile (and other vehicle) accidents and design, and the use of a wide variety of consumer products.

  • Professor (Emeritus) of Psychology at UCLA
  • Over 160 articles in scientific journals since 1967, four books
  • Supported over 800 cases
  • Extensive consulting experience with the world's automakers and other manufacturers

Areas of Expertise

  • Automobile accidents and operator behavior
  • Vehicle accidents (autos, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, trains, ships, and boats)
  • Workplace ergonomics and machine use
  • Warnings, labeling, and instructions on consumer products
  • Perception and reaction time, night-time vision, eye movements
  • Human error, attention, distraction, and "panic"
  • Learning and training
  • Cell-phone use and human performance